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Lofoten Islands, Norway
20th March - 29th March 2026
3 Clients Only

£3100 per person

The Lofoten Islands in Northern Noway have become one of the go to destinations for landscape photographers and its easy to see why. Towering mountains that rise from stunning fjords. Picture postcard fishing villages, amazing sandy beaches, rocky outcrops and being at 68 degrees north and well inside the artic circle, they are an amazing place to see and photograph the Northern Lights*.

They are not the easiest place in the world to get to, but they are certainly worth the effort. Whilst you can never guarantee great weather and spectacular light, I have chosen these dates in March for a few reasons. Firstly the days are a lot longer than during the depth of winter. Sunrise is around 6am and it sets around 12 hours later. So whilst there will be plenty of early mornings, it allows for down time during the day. Secondly, the workshop will take place when the spring equinox occurs and statistically over the last few years, there have always been very strong auroras around this time. Whilst the moon doesn't have a major effect on being able to photograph the aurora at this latitude, it will be waning over the duration that we are there. Finally, you would hope that the severest of the winter weather** be over and temperatures won't be too cold, but again above the artic circle nothing can ever be guaranteed!

As with all of the workshops, places are limited to 3 clients. This ensures that you not only get the best possible experience, but also allows us to hire a 4*4 vehicle, which is certainly needed, along with staying in self catering accommodation, where we have plenty of space to relax, edit out photos and also come and go as we please. 

It usually takes 3 flights to get to Leknes on the Lofoten Islands and the price of the workshop includes, 7 nights accommodation on a self catering basis whilst in the Lofoten Islands, a hotel stay on a bed and breakfast basis Friday 21st March and the  29th March. Travel whilst on the Lofoten Islands is included as is the workshop itself. Flights are not included and no meals are included other than breakfast when staying in hotels.

We will fly to Bodo on Friday 20th March, usually via Oslo and early on Saturday morning will take the short flight to the Lofoten Islands. On Saturday 28th we leave the Lofoten Islands around lunch time, flying back to Bodo and then down to Oslo where we will spend the night before flying back to the UK on Sunday 30th**

Whilst in the Lofoten Islands we will be staying in a 4 bedroom house which is literally right on the edge of a fjord. The house has its own private viewing balcony over the fjord, a sauna and amazing living space. It is ideally situated between Hamnoy and Ramberg, making it the perfect base to explore this amazing part of the world.

The cost of the workshop is £3100 per person and to secure your place a £450 non refundable deposit is required with the final balance of £2650 due by the 10th January 2026. 

Please click here to return to the main workshop page and use the contact form reserve you place.

*The Northern Lights / Aurora are a naturally occurring phenomena and no guarantees can be made that it will be possible to either see or photograph them during the workshop. No refund will be given, should it not be possible to do so.
** The Lofoten Islands are situated within the Artic Circle and the weather can be severe, there can be no guarantees that the weather will allow for all locations to be visited and client safety will always be placed ahead of the opportunity to take photographs.
***The flight details that I have provided are only an indication at this stage. Once flights become available, usually 10-12 months in advance then exact timings will be provided,.



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