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If you are a serious about your landscape photography then you will no doubt already have or are thinking about purchasing some filters. Like everything in the photography world, you get what you pay for. You may be tempted to buy a cheap set of filters which will only cost less than the price of a cheap kit lens, however these will be made from cheap plastic, have terrible colour cast and will degrade the quality of your images. 
When clients ask me about filters, I have a standard response :-
"If you needed to wear glasses, would you go to the optician or would you buy a pair from the local pound shop"
Of course you would go to the opticians. The same is true for filters. Why would you spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds on lenses only to put a cheap filter on them?

For years, I used Lee Filters until I discovered Maven Filters, which in my opinion are THE best filters available. I have tested them extensively both in the UK and Iceland and they really are superb and they come highly recommend.  

Click here to see the full range of filters available from Maven.
*please note, I am not sponsored by Maven Filters, however the link is an affiliate one which would mean that I would receive a commission for any purchase that you make.

Click here to watch the video

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