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Camera Equipment Hire

If you would like to attend a workshop but don't have a camera or any other equipment then there is no need to worry.  Likewise, if you are thinking about upgrading your current camera to a mirrorless but would like to try before you buy then again no problem. I also have spare camera bags, tripods and filters. Just let me know at the time of booking a workshop and we can discuss your requirements. Please note, that I do not hire out camera equipment outside of my workshops.

Camera Bodies 

Canon EOS R5
Canon EOS R
Canon EOS Ra - This is an astro modified camera body


I have lenses covering every focal length from 15mm through to 500mm, all of which a Canon L series professional lenses.

Tripods and Heads

Gitzo Tripods along with Really Right Stuff Ball Heads


On all of my workshops, you will the opportunity to use and test the full range of Maven Filters. A huge thank you to Maven Filters for supplying me with these. You can find out all about Maven by clicking here.

Camera Bags

F Stop Ajna 37 litre 


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