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How do you pick just 10 images from your home country, when you have literally taken thousands over the years? It certainly wasn't easy! Every image below provokes a great memory for me, which is exactly why I take photographs. It isn't just all about the end result, for me the experience and being able to get into the great outdoors is just as important.

Saltwick Bay, North Yorkshire - January 2022
Bamburgh, Northumberland - July 2020
Roseberry Topping, North Yorkshire - December 2023
Embelton Bay, Northumberland - June 2021
Tarn How's, Lake District - December 2020
Steetley Pier, Cleveland - April 2023
Rievaulx Moor, North Yorkshire - January 2019
Sugar Sands, Northumberland - January 2020
Helmsley, North Yorkshire - October 2019
Roper Moor, North Yorkshire - November 2018
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