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Totality***, Milky Way & Meteors
Northern Spain
8th - 15th August 2026*
Only 6 Places Remaining
£2900 per person in their own room**
£2300per person sharing a room

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The next total solar eclipse will happen on the 12th August 2026. It will be possible to see "totality" from parts of Greenland, Iceland, Spain and Portugal. In Iceland totality will occur around 5.48pm and in Spain due to the time difference it will happen at 8.26pm. Of course you need clear skies to witness this amazing event and they can never be guaranteed. My heart is telling me that I want to run a workshop in Iceland as the island holds such special memories. It also has the advantage that the sun will be higher in the sky. My only concern is that there is a greater chance of cloud. My brain is therefore telling me that the workshop needs to take place in Northern Spain. The sun will be much lower in the sky and of course it could be thick cloud there too - but you have to roll the dice and take you chance. There are 2 other reasons for choosing Spain as opposed to Iceland. Believe it or not the peak of the annual Perseids Shower will take place on the 13th August and of course with then eclipse happening then it is a new moon phase, meaning totally dark skies. Finally the galactic core of the Milkyway will be well above the horizon and again with no moon, it will be fantastic to photograph. The skies will be totally dark form about 11.30pm. In Iceland whilst it will be possible to photograph the meteors and the milky way in the southern skies, it doesn't get completely dark. 

Easyjet fly to Bilbao in Northern Spain from Manchester so access to the region will be pretty easy. It is my intention to hire a large villa for this workshop, hopefully within the totality zone and near to the coast. I usually limit places on my workshops to 3 clients only, however as this is such an amazing opportunity then I am making 7 places available. Of course if you book a room in the villa for yourself then it reduce the numbers on the workshop. We will hire a mini bus to get us around during the workshop. 

If you like going to bed early on an evening then I would suggest that this workshop will not be for you, as weather dependant, we will be out most nights shooting the night sky. However the workshop will not just be about stars, metoros and the eclipse. The northern coast line of Spain looks to be amazing for seascapes and landscapes, along with the architecture and of course we will take advantage of this at sunrise and sunset. As with all workshops we will also be doing editing master classes.

There is currently no accommodation available to book, however I have done quite a bit of research already have a good indication of what the prices may be. Obviously properties are going to be charging a premium during eclipse week, which I have factored in. The workshop is estimated to cost £2900 per person, if you have a room for yourself or £2300 if you would like to share a room with a friend or partner. ** Please note at this stage, these are only estimated prices. They may rise slightly but I am hoping it may reduce - I have estimated on the high side. The price of the workshop will include 7 nights accommodation on a self catering basis, travel whilst in Northern Spain for the week and the cost of the workshop itself. Flights to and from Spain and meals are not included. *The workshop will run from either Saturday 8th or Sunday 9th August until Saturday 15th or Sunday 16th August - depending on flight times. Once these are available I will let all clients know. Running the workshop will be totally reliant on being able to book suitable accommodation. 

*** Totality - this is totally dependant on the weather, I would like to think that the skies will be clear but no guarantees can be given. Having transport available will mean that we can travel reasonable distances to find clear skies, however in the event that no clear skies can be found and it is not possible to see or photograph the eclipse, no partial or full refund will be offered. The same is true for the Milkyway and Perseids meteor shower, although with being in Spain for a week, we would have to be very unlucky to have cloudy skies all week.

At this stage to reserve your place on this once in a lifetime workshop, I am asking for a £100 fully refundable deposit. Once all places have been filled , I will put clients who would like to go onto a reserve lists on a first come first serve basis. When I have booked the accommodation and have given the exact price of the workshop, then an additional £300 deposit will be needed. The £400 deposit it total will be non refundable. If once the cost of the workshop is known and you do not want to attend, then the £100 deposit will be refunded immediately and the first reserve client will be contacted and so on. I hope this makes sense to everyone and is the fairest way of doing things that I can think of. 

To reserve your place, please use the booing request form below. Once again this will be on a first come, first served basis and you place will not be guaranteed until I have received the £100 holding deposit.
Galactic Core of the Milkyway taken from the Isle of Harris
Star trails taken on the Lake District
Germinid Meteor taken over the North York Moors
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