Top 12 Images of 2021

2021 has been quite a year. Not withstanding the disruption that was caused by Covid, I have still managed to visit some amazing places and have seen some wonderful things. It is not lost on me, that I am incredibly fortunate that i was with either great clients or wonderful friends when many of these images were taken. My heart felt thanks goes to each and everyone one of them for making it 2021 very special.

It's never easy picking 12 images from a whole year. Do you go for the best compositionally or do you choose an image that might not be technically perfect but provokes lots of great memories. In this years top 12 there are a mixture of both. Unfortunately I didn't get north of the boarder into Scotland this year, so it is absent. However with 3 week long workshops planned for 2022, I am sure it will make an appearance next year. Unsurprisingly, with spending 4 weeks in Iceland this year, there are a number of images from this amazing place, but what will claim the top spot for 2021?

"An Evening On The Hill"

Number 12 - We start off close to home at Cockshaw Hill Quarry, looking across to Roseberry Topping. As soon as the heather comes into bloom, I head for this location as it makes a wonderful composition. Get the light just right and the location just glows. It's somewhere that you have to visit if you are holidaying in North York Moors and are into photography. Or indeed just want a great view and walk on a evening then it's well worth the effort to get here.

"Enter At Your Own Risk"

Number 11 - Even closer to home in Helmsley. This image was taken in early January, just off the side of Baxton's Sprunt road. I had walked past these trees on many occasions with the dogs and had previously photographed them on a misty morning. However, I knew that with a bit of snow, the composition would be transformed. I wasn't wrong and with the snow staying for a long period last winter, I was able to shoot this location in all different types of light. However this particular image is my favourite as there is something dark, mysterious and slightly threatening about it.

"The Dancing Bull"

Number 10 - Ok, I admit it, I am obsessed with watching and photographing the Northern Lights. If you have ever seen them, I am sure you will understand why. This image was taken in September near Seyðisfjørður in Iceland. It was one of those magical evenings that I will never forget. The Aurora danced for hours on end, under perfectly clear skies and I believe it was close to 2am before we headed to bed, with the green lady still lighting up the heavens. I am always amazed at the shapes that the Aurora forms and it was not until reviewing the images a couple of months later, that I came across this one. To me it looks like a bull ( head and horns on the left of the image ) prowling along the top of the mountains.

"Blea Reflections"

Number 9 - Back in April, I spent a week in the Lake District with a couple of clients. Believe it or not there was not one spot of rain, and the clouds that you can see in this image were some of the very few that we saw all week. It is an image that I debated about putting in, as its not the best that I have taken from this location over the years. However I returned to Blea Tarn, 2 weeks after Storm Arwen blew though. What I found was heart breaking. So many of the trees have been up rooted, thankfully the one that stands slightly by itself of the left hand side of image survived, but many other in this image have now been sadly lost.

"Simple Saltwick"