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I cant begin to image how many photographs I took in 2020. Some of them have worked, some haven't. What is most important though is that to take each one, I had to get into the great outdoors and created great memories. If I can get 1 image a month that I am really proud of, then to me it has been a great year. I have been trawling through last years images and have about 30 to choose from. Despite Covid, 2020 proved to be a fruitful year. However without wanting to bore you all and this blog becoming a "let me show you holiday photos" type of post, I have narrowed it down to just 12. What is so special about many of them is that the moment was shared with clients who have become friends. I can't begin to tell you how much those experiences mean to me and I so looking forward to the adventures that we will share in 2021. There was so much fun and laughter in 2021. The highlight having to be the moment we drove into a carpark near Torridon where the most magnificent Stag was standing motionless. I am sure it is a day that Caroline and Kev will never forget and it still brings tears to my eyes. You needed to be there to fully understand what I am talking about and the conversation between the 3 of us was just priceless, as was the moment when the 12 point stag decided it would stick its head into the boot of the car and search for food. Just an amazing experience.

Anyway back onto the top 12 images. I have put them into reverse order.

Number 12 - Torridon, Scotland

Number 11 - Embelton, Northumberland

Number 10 - Cullin Mountains, Isle of Skye

Number 9 - Loch Garry, Scotland

Number 8 - Sutton Bank, Yorkshire

Number 7 - Scawton, Yorkshire

Number 6 - Lower Diabaig, Scotland

Number 5 - Leacklee, Isle of Harris

Number 4 - Near Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye

Number 3 - Bamburgh, Northumberland

I have photographed Bamburgh Castle so many times over the years in my native Northumberland. The image was taken during a weekend workshop on Sunday 26th July. The light on the Castle was the best that I have ever seen and it was a magical moment, shared by all who were there. It was certainly worth getting out of bed at 3am to be in position for sunrise.

Number 2 - Sugar Sands, Northumberland

Until 5 days ago, this was my favourite image of the year. Taken on the 4th January on a beach which is only about 1 mile from parents house. Technically, the image was simple enough to take, the challenge was getting the sunrise perfectly over the sand dunes, which involved having to move the camera constantly, without getting footprints in the image. What you can't see are the large rocks either side of me which made getting perfect moment that much harder. A large canvas print of this image is now on the wall in Mum and Dad's kitchen.

Number 1 - Tarn Hows, Lake District

Without doubt the most technically difficult image that I have taken all year and in my humble opinion the best photo that I have ever taken. The dynamic range was at the extreme end of what the camera could handle, the placement of the camera was really difficult to achieve. The light was changing so fast and I had to compose things so carefully to balance the image, tilting the camera forward to just the right angle to enlarge the background. There was also a huge amount of field craft that went into the image, looking at the changing weather conditions and getting myself into the perfect position at the exact moment. What brings the whole image alive is the contrast of light across the 5 different layers in the image and how the setting sun has not only illuminated the key subjects but has given the image real depth. I saw some amazing things in 2020 but to experience Tarn Hows, capture the moment for eternity and to be able to share it, is a memory that will live forever.

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