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As I have written in previous posts, if I can take anywhere between 10-20 images in a calendar year that I would personally class as being portfolio worthy then it has been a success. This year, I have actually managed to get 28, despite taking fewer images and spending less time, out and about with camera.

Below are my favourite 10 images. Each one of them provokes a great memory which in my opinion is far better than them being technically perfect. I have visited some great new locations this year, revisited some old favourites and have been privileged enough to share the locations and the light with some great friends and clients. I hope you enjoy looking at the images as much as I did in taking them.

Number 10

I visited the Cairngorms back March, to scout for potential images for the workshop that I ran November. Despite the conditions being awful for photography during the 4 days that I was there, the light gods did play ball for a few moments on the banks of Loch Garten.

Number 9

I love the scale that the little house adds to this image and the atmosphere that the clouds provide. Taken from a boat on the way back from visiting Loch Coruisk on the Isle of Skye in early April.

Number 8

You could spend hours photographing the grounds of Cragside in Northumberland. No matter what time of year you visit, there will always be something amazing to point your camera at. Luckily enough, when I took a group of clients here in early September, the damp conditions and early morning fog, provided some great atmosphere to create the classic image from this amazing location.

Number 7

I have visited The Hill of the Red Fox on the Isle of Skye a few times over the years but the weather had always been less than favourable, so it was great to get some great light in April whilst visiting with clients.

Number 6

For me, the wait goes on to get a great Aurora display over the iconic Kirkjufell Mountain in Iceland. However we did get some amazing light as the sun set back in September during the Best of Iceland annual workshop.

Number 5

Shooting directly into a setting sun is never easy, so I am particularly proud of this image taken at Newtonmore in the Highlands back in early November.

Number 4

The Shambles in York, taken on a busy Friday evening in early March, whilst out teaching a private client. This image is more about the execution and use of different techniques to create the final composition.

Number 3

Eystrahorn, along with her sister mountain Vestrahorn are without doubt my two favourite locations in Iceland. This image was taken during what had to be the best 48 hours that I have ever experienced on this amazing Island. It was such a privilege to be able to share it was 3 great friends who were attending the Best of Iceland workshop. The memories that we created will last a life time and it is on days like this that I realise how fortunate I am to be able to do what I do.

Number 2

One of, if not the first image of 2022 which was very nearly made it to the number 1 spot. Taken at Saltwick Bay near Whitby, way back in January whilst teaching, this was our first image of the day. The forecast for the day was terrible and despite being battered by gale force winds, when we arrived on location, there was just the faintest hint of colour starting to appear in the sky. Not for one moment did I expect it to catch fire in such spectacular style and last long enough to create a composition that did it justice.

Number 1

I won't go into too much detail about where Finnich Glen is. If you read my previous blog entry, it will provide you with all of the information that you need. That is also a timely reminder that I must find the time in 2023 to write more blogs. Thankfully with what I have planned this should prove to be easier than it has in 2022.

Anyway back to the image. It has to be my number 1 for the memories and adventure that this very special July morning brought. The composition itself was also a challenge in that what you can't see is how I not only had to balance the camera and tripod, not to mention myself, then frame and compose the shot. The most pleasing aspect however is that I new exactly what I wanted the final image to look like once it had been edited and that I was able to execute it.

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