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Sunrises, Sunsets and Stars

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

2020 has arrived. Between Christmas and New Year, I had a quick trip to the Lake District where I took time to reflect on my photography.

Whilst I love sharing images through social media, I came to the conclusion that by posting lots of images, I was not really portraying who I was as a photographer and what I was trying to show through my work.

So this year it is back to basics. The only images that I will be sharing will be images taken either at sunrise or sunset of land or seascapes; along with images of the stars in the night sky. That's it, no more posting random images.

This year, I plan to travel as much as possible and get as fit as possible whilst doing it. I want to make a start on the Youtube Vlog on where and how to photograph the North York Moors National Park; I want to start taking more panoramas and also learn how to take great images of the moving sea and waves. Finally, I want to upload regular updates to this blog with images that I deem worthy of sharing.

The year has started well and I have already had some amazing light. The image above was taken at Sugar Sands, near Boulmer in Northumberland. I have taken this image on numerous occasions, but have never really had the light that I thought would really work until this morning. Its a very minimalistic composition, shot at 28 mm with a 16:9 crop in camera. Using a 6 stop filter, 0,9 reverse grad and a CPL filter gave me a 2 minute exposure which was long enough to get some movement in the clouds, shooting at f11 and ISO 100 on the Canon 5dsr with the 16-35mm F2.8 L iii lens.

What I think really makes the image is that I managed to get the colour of the early morning light perfectly over the sand dunes which took a bit of patience and moving up and down the beach but gives the composition the exact feel that I was looking to create.

Have a wonderful 2020 everyone and please feel free to get in touch with any questions or if you need some advice.


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