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Saal Digital - The Best On The Market?

Saal Digital is a German based printing company who I have used for a number of years now. All of the wedding albums that I have had printed have been through Saal, as have numerous other projects and I have also used them for fine art prints.

I have always found that the quality of product from Saal is exceptional, the software used to create the product is easy to use, delivery is super quick through DHL and the customer service has been wonderful. When they gave me the opportunity to create a Professional Photo Line Album of my portfolio compositions then it was too good an opportunity to miss.

Whilst I received a huge discount on the final price, this is in no way a paid advertisement for Saal, they are not paying me to write this review. If I had been disappointed in the final product I would state that.

However the truth of the matter is that the quality of this premium product is truly exceptional. The colours are rich and vibrant and are an exact reproduction of the images that I sent away. It is worth mentioning that my iMac screen is calibrated using a data colour Spyder X. I wont go into what this does during this blog but it is essential for ensuring you are not disappointed with either home printing or if you send images away to a professional printing company. I will write an article about this soon. Anyway, back to the book. It has a premium fee and look. The cover is leather bound with an acrylic insert which displays the title page - see photo.

Inside there are 26 pages where the images are printed on a high gloss photo paper which really makes all of the images pop. It's a big book too at 40cm by 30cm. I spent quite a while choosing the images and making sure that the book flowed in a logical order, with a mixture of portrait and landscape orientations. Adding a brief description about each image was also a simple process using the free software.

As you would expect, this level of quality does not come cheap, it is a premium product and as such I guess you get what you pay for. Had I paid the full price it would have been over £150 plus delivery - appx £4.99. For another £50 you can add a leather gift box to keep it safe. I have used this line before and purchased the box for a client. It does make a great addition, despite the price.

I am sure if you shop around on the internet and if you want to create a photo album of your work then you could find a cheaper alternative. I would image though that the quality wouldn't be anywhere near as good. Saal also do other photo books which again are great quality at a fraction of the price.

As a landscape photographer, I have hundreds of images on my computer, some of my best are on this website, the very best are in the album I have created. It is a wonderful memento and one which I will cherish. It is also great to be able to use it to compare to earlier books I have had printed to see how I have developed as a photographer and how my own personal style has changed.

So if you are in the market for having some of your photos created, if you are getting married and are looking for a great company to use for your wedding photos or indeed if you are having a special event or just want to create a lasting memory, then in my opinion Saal Digital is a great place to look. They might not be the cheapest but quality wise, I don't believe they can be surpassed.

Their website is:-

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