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When I am out walking and taking photos, I like to travel as light as possible. Sometimes however this isn’t possible. For example if I am making a timelapse or need to be prepared for various conditions then I need to take more equipment which is hard going if getting onto location involves a long or steep hike. I sometimes think I am in training for an SAS selection exercise with the weight of my pack! However on most occasions the weight and gear is kept to a minimum.

In a couple of weeks, I am heading to Skye to work on a documentary for the BBC which will be all about the Northern Lights. A team is just about to head to Norway which will be the main hub for the program. I along with others based In the Northern Hemisphere will hopefully get footage that can be used. As ever with the Aurora nothing is ever guaranteed. So I am in the process of starting to prepare all of the gear. As you can see there is a lot to take and this is only the photography equipment. Tent, waterproofs, boots, wellies etc etc all need to be packed. Now granted it won’t all be getting used at once but with timelapses to take and B roll also to create the majority of it will get used at some stage. I do have a base for the week and the tent is just to provide shelter if it’s really cold during the night.

I am so looking forward to this trip and if you are about on Skye between the 21st to 28th March and fancy seeing what I am getting up to then drop me a line.

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