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Despite the local co-op not having any fresh meat, toilet paper and cleaning products, they did have some Pringles. I have to say the team at the local coop in Helmsley, along with Cost Cutters, Hunters, Thomas's and Bata Garage all all doing an amazing job and thank you from everyone. It would also be remiss of me not to mention the girls at Barclays who are also doing an amazing job and who knows you may even see me behind the counter, serving customers over the coming weeks.

However back to the Pringles tube - I saw something on YouTube earlier in the week, where some clever person had used one to create a directional flash. If you keep the plastic end, it even diffuses the light. A little bit of tape ( I used masking tape first to make sure the brown tape doesn't leave marks on the flash when I take it off ) to hold things in place and all is good.

The only issue, I have found so far is I cant get the flash really close to the subject, however the solution I have found is by using it as a slave flash, I can position it correctly and make sure its triggered by another flash which I have on the camera. I turn the flash on this speed light away from the subject and cover it with a box and my thick hat which stops all of the light. The infrared part on the front of the flash then triggers the other and it works as it should.

I only had the opportunity to try it out quickly before work this morning but the image that I quickly managed to create has had the desired effect in that it has lit the subject and blackened out everything else. Really looking forward to practising this some more over the coming days.

Hope you have found this useful!!!

Stay safe everyone.

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