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If you follow me on social media, no doubt you will have seen that I have been doing quite a bit of editing from last years workshops' in Torridon and the Isle of Skye.

The images that I have been working on have been left in an unedited state for about 5 months and I would like to think that they have got better with time. Of course they are still the same images that I took and nothing has changed. So what am I babbling on about?

Let me explain. What has changed massively is how I remember the images. Indeed in some instances I had totally forgotten that I had taken a composition. Today, it is so easy to get back home from taking photos, to download, post process and upload to social media for the world to see. I do exactly the same thing. But, in my opinion there is a fundamental flaw in doing this. You see, the problem is, your brain is trying to remember the scene exactly as you saw it. I know that I become unconsciously incompetent and over process my images. Looking back on some of the images that I have previously posted within a few hours of taking them, I am horrified. They look nothing like the scene would have, yet that is what my mind was telling me that I saw.

I have a golden rule, which is after processing an image, I will walk away from it for 10 minutes and then turn all of the adjustments down that I have made by 10%. This in some way compensates for the over processing but it doesn't go all of the way.

Having just edited some of the Torridon photos this week whilst I am on holiday, when I am not rushing around, I can honestly say that they are chalk and cheese to the ones that I edited last year. They are also probably 100% more authentic to the landscapes that I tried to capture.

So why not give it a go. By all means edit your photos the next time you are out. But do save the raw files. Set yourself a calendar reminder for 3 months time and then edit the photos again. When you compare both sets of results, I think you will be pretty amazed by the difference!

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