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Sometimes you just had to admit defeat and put safety first. As I am writing we are in the grips of Storm Ciara and photography across in the Lake District is virtually impossible this morning. I got an opportunity to get out yesterday morning and although conditions were challenging to say the least I did manage to create the image about. I say create as its a blend of 3 images taken over half an hour. The first is for the sky which only had any sort of detail in it for a few minutes. The second is the reflection in the lake which appeared during the briefest of rest bites, when the wind dropped and finally the foreground was as the light developed.

I always like to get as much work done in camera as I can which then avoids lots of post processing. However on occasions, you have no other option than to shoot for the different aspects of the composition and then blend them all together. Whilst the image is never going to win any awards, it's sometimes as rewarding pitting yourself against all of the elements, poor light and working on your technique whilst out in the field. This practice can prove to be invaluable when conditions are terrible but the light is amazing. Knowing how you work, developing and refining your workflow is just as important as being able to set the shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

Image was taken at Blea Tarn. Canon 5dsr, 16-35mm L iii Lens at 19mm. Lee circular polariser, 0.6 medium edge grad. 0.9 pro glass ND for reflection and foreground.

Sky - 2 second exposure - iso 100, f8

Reflection - 10 second exposure - iso 100, f16

Foreground - 15 second exposure, iso 100, f16.

Image edit in Photoshop using Raya Pro.

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