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I Am Keeping Specsavers In Business

Ok, try to laugh to hard, but in the last 2 months I have managed to loose 3 pairs of glasses whilst out and about! I know roughly where they all are too! 1 pair are near Ralph's Cross on the Moors. Problem is they have green frames and have fallen down to the bottom of the heather. Pair 2 are somewhere on the beach at Embelton in Northumberland and pair 3 are probably s at the bottom of the North Sea in bits by now.

You see ( if you pardon the pun) the problem with needed a pair for long sightedness and pair for reading or looking at the back of the camera is that I usually put a pair on my hat and then the others to focus the camera. Trouble is I forget they are there and they usually fall off. By the time I remember its too late, as I will have been working a composition and totally forgotten they are there or were there! Yes I have even bought a cord that goes round them and this worked perfectly in Northumberland a couple of weeks ago until I didn't follow the process!!!!

So last week, I had another trip to Specsavers to order some more glasses and this time I have gone for cheap frames! I am also going to write a note inside of my camera bag and leave my expensive glasses in the car at all times. It's just as well as I am very careful with all of the camera equipment and filters. They last the test of time superbly.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Biggest issue I have is, it's the long sighted glasses I seem to loose and you can't get non prescription ones like you can for reading glasses.

Anyway enough of my glasses issue. The image above was taken at Ross Sands on the Northumberland coast looking north towards Lindisfarne Castle which had some lovely light on it. Its a good walk onto the beach and benefits from having not 1 but two castles to photograph. Lindisfarne to the north and Bamburgh to the south. The sea makes a great leading line too in both directions. Shot at 16mm, ISO 100, 1 minute exposure with a 0.6 medium and 6 stop filter.

Looking forward to getting to the lakes this weekend for some relaxation, great light and hopefully I will return with all of the specs I set off with!

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