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Did you know that if you are an Amazon Prime member that you get unlimited cloud storage for your photos and 5GB of storage for videos for free? No, neither did I until I cam across a YouTube clip about the benefits of being a member.

Sure enough there is an app called Amazon Photos available for iPhone and Android phones and a desk top version too. I have been looking at cloud based storage as a backup for all of my work and the cost was a bit eye watering. JPGs are ok but RAW files take up a lot of space and when you are doing timelapse as well, I am pretty sure I have a few terabytes already. So to get it for free is a huge bonus. It will also free up lots of space on my phone.

I think I pay £7.99 a month for Prime which is cheaper than I can find for storage elsewhere plus the other benefits. I am currently in the process of uploading files from my computer at the moment which is going to take a long time but once its done, it should be fairly easy to maintain. I do have my images backed up on external hard drives already but having a 3rd option does bring piece of mind.

Just incase you didn't know, as a prime member you can also let one other person in your household have access to prime for ordering etc without them having to use your account details. Ok, so that's the PR bit done for Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

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