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Aldi currently have a big selection of fishing clothes on sale. They are doing neoprene gloves at £4.99 a pair which have slits in the fingers for you thumb and first two fingers plus velcro pads to keep them folder back, which make then perfect for photography. I have no idea if they will stand the test of time and wont be same quality as my Vallerret's, however for the price they have to be worth a punt and ideal as a spare pair. They come in green and camouflage so ideal for all you wildlife photographers out there.

Todays image was taken in Northumberland a couple of weeks ago and shows the 4 Nebula of Orion. From top to bottom you have the Flame Nebula on the left had side of Alnitak ( bottom star in Orions belt with the other 2 being, Alnilam and Mintaka), the Horsehead Nebula below Alnitak and then then Running Man and finally the Orion Nebula. Shot at f8, 216mm ISO 800 on an astro modified Canon 70d. 90 * 60 second exposures, Tracked and guided and then processed and stretched in Deep Sky Stacker and Photoshop.

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