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Astounded By Arrogance

I am currently in my beloved Northumberland delivering a landscape and dark sky workshop. This morning we had an early alarm call to get to Bamburgh Castle for sunrise. When we arrived there was not a sole around and I took the opportunity to have a good look around to find the best possible composition for the group. Whilst there is a little stream that adds foreground interest and it would seem to be the most logical place to shoot, a short walk further down the beach to where there was wet sand, delivered some great reflections. We all got into position and watched the light develop. Everything was going perfectly until another so called photographer decided to walk straight through our composition. Thankfully the wet sand, soon absorbed his footprints and once again the canvas was clean. However he then decided to stand 10 yards directly in front of us and started to take images. I politely asked him if he could possibly move as he was ruining our images, only to be told that it was a big beach and that we should all move. Needless to say I was totally dumfounded by his arrogant attitude and lack of manners towards other fellow photographers. I am always staggered that people can behave in this way. However sometimes you just have to bite your bottom lip. Life is far to short to get stressed about things. All of the group got amazing photos and I am sure that the images that our fellow photographer will have taken won't be a patch on ours. No tripod, no idea of composition, shooting everything in auto. So maybe calling him a fellow photographer is doing the rest of us an injustice!

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