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I am sure that you have heard the phrase, " You can't see the wood for the trees".

Trying to make sense of the chaos that exists in a forest and find a composition that works can be extremely challenging. It is certainly something that I have struggled with over the years, but it is one area of my photography that I have been determined to improve.

Although woodland photography is very difficult, there is something very special about being alone in the forests. Taking in all that is going on around you, your sense seem to elevated to another level. It does have the added bonus of also being fantastic when conditions would restrict you in other locations. Mist of fog is amazing for adding atmosphere to an image and provides natural separation. When its raining then the reflected light can really add to an image,

Last week, I was in Torridon running a week long workshop ( look out for the Blog coming soon on this amazing area ) and we had the chance to get into some of the local woodland. Conditions were far from ideal as there was none of the aforementioned conditions, but the sheer beauty of the area did provide ample opportunities to get the cameras out.

The image above was taken only a few yards from where we had parked the car and I love how your eye wanders through the the image, with it being framed by the trees on either side. If one of the trees in the background had only added a splash of yellow or orange to the image then it would have been perfect.

Finding a composition is not the only challenging part. Your post processing skills will also be tested to add depth to the image. However once again it has provided a great opportunity to learn and develop.

I have been really inspired to get out into the woodland by some amazing images that I have seen. Simon Baxter a photographer from Guisborough close to where I live in North Yorkshire is exceptional. Have a look at some of his work at

This brings me onto my final point for today. I have mentioned on numerous occasions that photography for me is not just about getting into the great outdoors. It is also about learning and developing new skills and techniques. Taking inspiration from others is a great way of starting you on this journey.

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