Latest Addition To The Camera Bag

First off, apologies for not blogging in a while. It has been a pretty hectic few months and I really don’t know where the time has gone. However, I now have a couple of months without any workshops and barring three weddings that I am booked to photograph, I am looking forward to some downtime. Everything starts again at the end of August with a couple of weekend workshops before heading to Iceland for the annual 11 night, ‘Best Of’ tour. I have also planned the 2023 weekend workshops and the dates for these will be live shortly.

So onto the main topic of this blog. I have got a new addition to the camera bag! It’s not a new lens, body or filters. It’s actually an Apple Airtag. I think I might have read an article about these a couple of years ago before they were released and remember thinking that they would be great to throw into that camera bag. Then I completely forgot about them until an article popped up on my timeline yesterday. You can pick one up for about £29 or if you want to buy multiple ones then it’s about £80 for 4. They basically work in 2 ways. Either via Bluetooth with a 30 foot radius ( great for keys etc, but even with my deteriorating eyesight I am pretty sure I could spot camera bag from this distance). The other way is through the Find My app which is available on IOS and allows you to see the location from anywhere.

The AirTags work via a battery which will last for appx 1 year. The battery is replaceable.

I can see a couple of great benefits in using this. The first is from a security point of view in that I know there are places in my bag than anyone stealing the bag wouldn’t be able to find easily if at all. Which means I could track the bag and send the location to the police. Hopefully getting everything back. Of course I am always very careful that I don’t give anyone the opportunity to steal it by leaving it in the car etc. Secondly it will allow someone to know my location when I am out and about and raise the alarm should I get into trouble. Out of interest, I always carry a PLB ( personal locator beacon ) just incase the worse ever happened. I will write an article about this clever piece of kit in the future.

So there you have it, the latest addition to the camera bag, which I hope some of you may find of use.

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