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Yep, as you have probably guessed by the title, after avoiding Covid since the start of the pandemic, I am positive and isolating.

Thankfully I am fully vaccinated and so far whilst feeling a little under the weather I am ok. No doubt over the next few days I might feel sorry for myself but it is at times like this that you have to be thankful for the amazing working that scientists did in finding and producing a vaccine so quickly.

I had expected to become positive after my girlfriend tested positive on Sunday and despite isolating immediately, it was obviously too late.

So why am I writing about this in a photography blog? Well first of all, I was meant to be running a workshop this weekend in Northumberland. All of my weekend workshops come with a Covid Guarantee in that, if government restrictions are put in place that inhibit a workshop being run then we would look to rearrange or if this was not possible then a full refund would be offered. The same applies if I have Covid. In these uncertain times it is worth checking if you are booking a workshop that the person running it offers this. Thankfully, thinking that there was a strong possibility that I could be positive by the weekend, I made contact with all my clients, who have been more than happy to move to another workshop.

But what about if you have workshops arranged for abroad?

On the 5th November, I am flying to Iceland to run 2 consecutive week long workshops. Needless to say over the past 72 hours, I have been extremely nervous about my situation. Thankfully because I am positive today then these fears have now passed. The entry requirements for Iceland are that you must be fully vaccinated and have had a negative PCR test within 72 hours of flying. There is an exception. If you have tested positive between 14 to 180 days prior to travelling then you are exempt from needing the clear PCR test. I still need to check out what tests the airlines require, but I am breathing a huge sigh of relief. Had the positive result not come for another 72 hours, it was going to prove to be a huge logistical challenge to sort things out.

Anyway back to more practical things. What am I going to get up to over the next 10 days? Well the good news is that I don’t feel unwell enough not to work. It’s a busy time of the year for us in the world of Banking, especially was we recover from the pandemic. Being able to work from home is a really blessing. Photography wise I want to get the website updated as it needs a bit of a refresh. There are lots of images, timelapse sequences and drone clips to edit and start to put into some sort of order for the video I am making ( more of that to come ) and I also need to get more comfortable with the menus on the R5. I am intrigued by the focus bracketing option which I will write about soon.

So that’s it for now. Stay safe everyone, remember we are not out of the pandemic yet so keep maintaining your social distances and take precautions.

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