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Alphabet Challenge - B is for Budle Bay

Blink and you might easily miss Budle Bay as you drive to or from Bamburgh. Drive past it when the tide is in and you will only see an expanse of water. Whilst this may look pretty, there isn't really a great deal to photograph. However, once the tide goes out, it reveals an area full of photographic potential.

For the avid wildlife photographer there are so many different species of birds, especially over the winter months which sees the annual arrival of migratory ducks and geese. This area is part of the Lindisfarne Wildlife Reserve and is well worth a trip if you have never been.

For the landscape photographer, as I have already mentioned this area comes alive when the tide goes out. You should be able to find lots of minimalistic images, using the retreating water as leading lines. High sand dunes boarder the area, which enables you to get a high vantage point to add more perspective. You also have Holy Island in the distance and with a bit of luck, will be able to use the water to lead you eye to the castle if you are shooting with a long telephoto lens. That's certainly what I had in mind when I visited over the weekend. I say, had in mind, with good reason. As it happened, try as I might, I really struggled to find a composition that I was happy with. The image above is the best that it got. I am sure if I had continued to look then something would have eventually presented itself to me, but it was very hard work yesterday.

Actually, I did find quite a few compositions for the future, but they will have to wait for a very dark and clear night, when the Northern Lights are dancing above the Northumbrian Sky. With a favourable forecast, I will be pointing the car north and heading back to this area from North Yorkshire.

When I set myself the Alphabet Challenge for this year, I was determined to go out and shoot when conditions were less than favourable, to go back to places which I might not have visited for years or at all, to challenge myself, to look for new compositions and most importantly to make the effort when it would be easier to stay at home., To that extent Budle Bay delivered everything that I was looking for.

It really is worth paying a visit if you are in the area. Of course, if all else fails then you have the Iconic Bamburgh Castle only a few minutes away.

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