Cairngorms, Highlands, Scotland

29th October - 5th November 2022

New for 2022 I am really excited about starting to run workshops in the Cairngoirms National Park. This workshop is for a maximum of 6 clients and we will be staying in the beautiful Boat of Garten which provides amazing access to the exceptional countryside and landscapes. I am also delighted to announce that for this workshop, I will be assisted by Caroline Holroyd. 

Caroline is a native "Yorkshire Lass" who with her husband Mark and two pointers Ellie and Flo moved to the Boat of Garten a few years ago. Caroline is therefore ideal to support in the running of this workshop with her local knowledge. Caroline is also an accomplished photographer and is a very welcome addition to the workshop team.

Having Caroline on board enables me to offer 6 places on this workshop as it ensures that the ratio of clients to guides is kept below 4. For all of my workshops it is incredibly important to me that all clients are receiving the best possible tuition and value for money. Having any more that 4 clients to 1 guide in my opinion doesn't offer this.


Accommodation will be on a self catering basis. There are a couple of very good reasons for this. Firstly it allows us to photograph when and where we want too without having to worry about prepaid meals. Mother Nature wont wait for us to finish our breakfast before she puts on the best light conditions! Secondly it helps to keep costs down as we all put into a kitty and buy the provisions that we need. 

The Autumnal colours in the Cairngorms are simply stunning. No surprise then that that workshop has been planned to co-inside with this amazing annual event. There is also the chance of early snow on the top of the mountains that will make an beautiful backdrop and provide perfect reflections in the crystal clear Lochs.

A short drive form the Boat of Garten would also see us on the coast in-between Narin and Lossiemouth. During the autumn and winter months, it is possible to not only photograph the Northern Lights from many vantage points but also to see them with the naked eye. Should there be favourable aurora forecasts then we will be jumping into the cars to try and capture this amazing natural phenomena.

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The cost of the workshop is £850 per person if travelling alone and having your own room. For 2 clients travelling together and sharing a room, the cost per person is £650 . A £100 non refundable deposit*  per person  is required to secure your place. 

* please note, if restrictions are in place due to Covid 19 which forces the cancellation of the workshop then the £100 deposit will be refund.